The Garden City Department of Recreation and Parks has a flourishing Dance Program for children as well as a number of Dance Classes for Adults.  Both programs are for Garden City residents of all skill levels.  All Dance instruction takes place at the Performing Arts Center in Cluett Hall at the St. Paul's Recreation Complex. 

Felicia Lovaglio, Director

Youth Dance Programs

Recreation Dance Conservatory

Our Recreation Dance Conservatory is a NON-RECITAL based dance program offered by the Recreation Department for village residents, ages 3 ½ through adults.  Classes are overseen by Director Felicia Lovaglio, who is also an adjunct faculty member at Adelphi University in the departments of both Dance and Theatre.  Our class schedule runs from late September until mid-April.  Each class is 55 minutes in length.  Classes are formed by grade, with many different time offerings during the week to fit everyone’s schedule.

Class Descriptions

Creative Movement  -  Ages:  3 1/2 - 5 attending preschool
Description:      This is a pre-dance activity preparing children for more structured classes.  This classes  focuses on creativity, rhythms, and moving freely to music.

Lyrical/Modern  -  Ages:    Grades 3 and up
Description:     This opportunity is based on a contemporary form of dance incorporating various techniques, Martha Graham, Limon, etc.  The class is usually conducted in bare feet to percussion music.

Ballet  -  Ages:  4 (in a combo-class) – adult
Description:     This is the foundation of all dance.  Starting with barre work the class learns all the basic French terminology, leading to center work as well as progressions across the floor. It promotes good posture and grace while appreciating classical music.

Tap  -  Ages: Pre-K ( in a combo class) and up
Description:     Starting at the barre, warm up consists of foot work learning the varied steps, sounds and rhythms which then leads to center work and progressions across the floor using upbeat music.

Hip-Hop or Jazz
Our Adult Jazz class is a performance based class.
Description:     Starting with a center warm up that emphasizes body isolations and stretches, this class leads to work in the center, as well as progressions across the floor using contemporary music.

Combo Classes - Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Hip Hop, Ballet/Jazz  -  Ages:  4 and up attending Preschool through third grade
Description:     This class is a shortened version of each concentration of dance to hold the attention of the younger students.

What you need...

Attire for ALL dance classes:  Any type of dance clothing. Leotards and tights are encouraged, but jazz or yoga pants are also acceptable.  They must be tight fitting so the teacher can assess whether the student is exhibiting proper body alignment and be able to make corrections.  Footwear for each class varies.  For Creative Movement, soft shoes or Ballet slippers, Ballet slippers for Ballet, Jazz shoes for Jazz, Tap shoes for Tap, etc.

Recreation Dance Company

Please note - in order to participate in the Dance Company, you must first register for classes in the Dance Conservatory.  Only registered members in 3rd grade or older of the Dance Conservatory will be allowed to register for the Company.

Performance experience is available for those who qualify for the Recreation Dance Company.  Under the direction of Ms. Felicia Lovaglio, the members (3rd grade and up) are offered the opportunity to perform on a professional level using Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern which make for a well rounded program. An extra registration fee is involved and participants are expected to attend additional weekly rehearsals in addition to their already scheduled classes.  This program begins in November and culminates in June with our performance at Adelphi University's beautifully renovated Olmsted Theatre in their new Performing Arts Center. 

For further information concerning the Dance Program please call our Recreation and Parks Administrative Office at (516) 465-4076. 

Adult Dance Programs

Dance Performance Group

This popular class teaches different dance techniques and will culminate with a dance performance in late spring.  Don't miss this fun program! 

When: Thursdays 9-10pm. (November to May)
Where: St. Paul's Cluett Hall

Adult Zumba Classes

Looking to stretch those muscles and tone your body?  Our class offers simple dance movements, stretching and other exercises to music designed to add flexibility to your body while having a fun time!  Felicia Lovaglio, the instructor for this class, is Director of our Dance Conservatory and adjunct professor at Adelphi University.  Each class is 45 minutes.  

When: Classes are run seasonally with classes beginning Fall, Winter and Summer
Where: St. Paul’s Cluett Hall or Senior Center

Zumba Gold

Dance director Felicia Lovaglio will again conduct Zumba Gold classes, sessions geared for Active Seniors or beginners over the age of 50.  The newest way to exercise gives you a great workout while moving to fun music!

The 45 minute class schedule, led by Felicia Lovaglio, start up twice a year. For further information or to register, please visit Recreation Office at 108 Rockaway Ave. or call 465-4075.