Roller Hockey Applications

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Roller Rink At Community Park

Roller Rink Overview


Our Roller Rink at Community Park will be open for residents of the Village of Garden City only.  Please remember helmets must be worn at all times!

When skating or open skate times residents must wear helmets at all times. In addition to helmets residents must also wear shin pads, hockey gloves and shin/knee pads when playing Hockey. 

Each participant is required to wear full equipment at all times. This includes hockey helmet with a cage, hockey gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, roller blades, hockey stick, long pants, and a protective cup.

Roller Hockey League


  Our growing Roller Hockey programs are open to village residents in Kindergarten thru 12th grade. We also offer a 30 & over adult program. All programs are offered on either Monday or Friday depending on your programs schedule.

For further information on any of the hockey programs, you can email Andrew Karen or visit our hockey website We look forward to seeing everyone at the rink.

Hours of the Rink


During the winter months the rink is not supervised by Recreation Staff. Nonetheless, the rink can be opened by residents calling the Community Park Clubhouse (516)483-2525. Staff will come over and open the rink for you. 

You must be a resident of the Village of Garden City to use the rink.