February Calendar

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Exercise for Seniors

We offer the following exercise classes for Seniors at the Senior Center on Golf Club Lane.  For the next few months the classes will be free in order to for you to try each class, after which they will be offered at a nominal charge. Classes are open to all seniors ages 60 and older who are residents of the Inc. Village of Garden City.  Classes might be cancelled due to a special event or trip so please check the bulletin board at The Senior Center for updates.


Exercise with Felicia at 10 am
Tai Chi with Connie at 1 pm
Meditation with Connie at 2 pm


Exercise with Joy at 9am (paid class, prior registration is needed)
Yoga for all Levels with Allie at 1:30pm
Chair Dancing with Felicia at 2:30 pm


Exercise with Felicia at 9:45 am
Chair Yoga with Connie at 11am


Exercise with Joy at 9 am (paid class, prior registration is needed)
Yoga for all Levels with Allie at 11:15am
Yoga for all Levels with Allie at 12:15pm


Exercise with Felicia at 9:45 am
Resistance Bands with Felicia at 10:45 am
Meditation with Connie at noon
Tai Chi with Connie at 1 pm

February / March Special Events

Wednesday, February 21 at 1 pm
– The Weather and You – What are they talking about every night on the news? Historian John Ellis Kordes will visit to give us a basic understanding of the weather and how to follow the reports.

Thursday, February 22 - Computer Class, Computer Kindergarten at 10 am
– This is a slow-paced, user-friendly class for beginner computer users. We will cover turning the computer on, the desktop, using the mouse, opening and closing programs, understanding windows elements, getting out of trouble, and the rest of the basics needed to get you up and running. 


Tuesday, March 6 at 1 pm – Brain Fitness with Dr. Shelley Pazer-
Can’t find your keys? Lost your cellphone? Or have you forgotten the name of someone you just met? Well, you aren’t alone; these moments of forgetfulness are rather common. In this workshop Dr. Shelley Pazer will show you how to stay mentally fit at any age through useful lifestyle tips and fun activities that sharpen your thinking. 

Wednesday, March 7 at 1 pm
-Workshop with James Horn, Physical Therapist, on Strength and Mobility for Seniors. Come and hear different strategies and exercises you can do to keep your body fit.

Wednesday, March 7 at 3:30 pm
- Computer/Tech Help with Garden City Service League of Boys. Bring your electronic device and your questions. 

Thursday, March 8 at 10 am – Computer 1st Grade-
In this class, you will learn how to work with text including inputting, inserting, moving, and erasing, learn basic word processing skills, and understand files and commands. Computer Kindergarten or basic knowledge of computers is needed for this class.   

Monday, March 12 at 1 pm – Singer Kevin Westley,
host of “That’s How I Spell Ireland” on WRHU.org will join us in an old fashioned Irish Sing Along. Song sheets will be provided. Please join us for this wonderful program.  

Tuesday, March 20 at 1 pm – Workshop on New Tax Laws
with Patricia Chester, CPA. Ms. Chester will speak about how the new tax laws will affect you and answer any questions you might have. 

Wednesday, March 21 at noon
– Pizza Lunch, $6 – Reservations needed by visiting the Recreation Office at 108 Rockaway Avenue. 

Thursday, March 22 at 10 am - Computer Class, Introduction to Email
–In this hands-on, lecture and demo class you will learn how to send, receive, forward and reply to e-mail. After you have mastered the basics, you will learn how to attach files and download. Knowledge of computers is necessary for this class.

Thursday, March 22 at 1 pm – Lecture, Rainforest Butterflies
– Steve Fratello has traveled the world’s tropical rainforests while trying to fulfill his lifelong passion for butterflies and other aspects of nature. He will share his experiences with us when he visits the Senior Center. 

Thursday, March 29 at 1 pm – Workshop, “What to Expect When You Call the EMS”
sponsored by Northwell Health.

Register for any of the above programs EXCEPT the luncheon by calling The Senior Center at 385-8006