Softball at Community Park


About our Adult Softball Leagues...

Our Department of Recreation and Parks offer a variety of Softball Leagues for Village Residents ages 18 and over for men and women. Each league plays slow pitch softball with a “Clincher” ball.  Questions please email Tom McGerty at  The leagues are divided accordingly: 

Men's Spring League

Is open to any team comprised of male residents, ages 18 and over.  This league is also open to any Village business.  In order for a business team to be accepted, a letter from the company must accompany the team’s registration verifying that all members of the team work in that company.  All games for this league are played on weekday evenings.  The league begins in April and runs through June.  Most games are played on Community Park’s Field #3.

Women's League

This league begins in late June and runs until September.  This league is open to any team comprised of women, ages 18 and older, who are Village residents.
All games are played on Community Park’s Field #2.

Men's Summer League

The Summer league similar in format to the Spring Men’s league except it is only open to Village residents ages 18 and older.  The league starts in late June and runs through October.  Games are played at Community Park, Grove Park, Middle School and Stewart Field.


Registration for each league takes place approximately 4-6 weeks before the start of the league.  Application packages can be obtained at Community Park and the Recreation and Parks Administrative Office once registration is announced in the Garden City News.  For further information, please contact Tom McGerty at (516) 483-2525 or​